Special Migration Visa

 Special Migration Visa 

Distinguished talent

You must have an internationally recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievement, and still be prominent in a profession, the arts, sport, or research and academia, be an asset to the Australian community, and have no difficulty in obtaining employment or in becoming established independently in Australia in a profession, the arts, sport, or research and academia.

If you are aged below 18 or above 55 years of age, you must, in addition to meeting the above criteria, provide evidence that you would be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community in the future.

You must be nominated by an Australian organisation, an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.


Former Resident

You must be a former Australian permanent resident either having spent at least 9 of your first 18 years in Australia and wish to resettle in Australia; or you have at any time prior to 19 January 1981 completed 3 months service in the Australian Armed Forces.